PC-507-IS 壓力校正器(防爆)

  • 最多可至4個壓力Sensor, 範圍從250mmH₂O to 10,000 psi 及真空
  • 本安防爆,有防爆認證可用在0區,1區,2區等危險區域
  • RS-232/485通信
  • 可透過校正軟體規畫校正工作及編輯文件

  • Up to four pressure sensors from 250mmH₂O to 10,000 psi gauge or absolute pressure, including vacuum.
  • PC-507-IS is an intrinsically safe pressure calibrator Ex ia IIC T4 Ga certified for usage in Ex-hazardous areas Zones 0, 1, and 2.
  • Communication with computer is established via RS-232/485 serial communication port.
  • Documenting capability with ISOPLAN