Dry Block 恆溫爐

Dry Block

Dry Blocks for Low Temperature Calibration - T-25N / T-35N / T-50N

They reach -25 °C (T-25N), -35 °C (T-35N) and -50 °C (T-50N) in an ambient temperature of 23 °C.

Dry Blocks for High Temperature Calibration - T-350P / T-650P / T-1200P

Temperature range: from ambient temperature to 350 °C (T-350P) and 650 °C (T-650P), with 0.01 °C resolution.

Temperature range: from 50 °C to 1200 °C (T1200P), with 0.1 °C resolution.


Input for RTD, thermocouples and thermoswitches.
Automatic calibrations and documenting capabilities.