ST-501 超精密測溫器


The super thermometer ST-501 main purpose is to measure temperature with high accuracy. It uses platinum resistance thermometers sensors and it also accepts standard thermocouples. The digital electronic indicator can be offered complete including the temperature sensor and calibration certificate of the pair.

• PRT reference thermometer, resolution of 0.001 °C.

• Replace precision glass thermometers and accepts PRT sensors or standard thermocouples.

• Fully electronic, without mechanical parts.

• Accepts 25 and 100 ohms sensors or standard thermocouples.

• It has internal memory and serial communication port.

• Accepts CVD, IPTS-68 and ITS-90 coefficients.

ST-501 超精密溫測校正儀主要是為高精度溫度測量而設計,它使用白金電阻感溫棒也可以使用其他標準感溫棒。

  • 搭配白金電阻感溫棒,解析度0.001°C
  • 取代玻璃精密溫度計
  • 全電子式,無機械結構
  • 使用25Ω和100Ω感溫棒或標準TC感溫棒
  • 具有內置式記憶體和通訊連接阜
  • 可用CVD、IPTS-68、ITS-90標準溫標